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Exhale Aerosystems’ Carbon Removal System uses Direct Air Capture (DAC) to collect CO2 from wind passing over tall buildings, across open fields, or alongside moving vehicles.

How Our Carbon Removal System Works

Our Carbon Removal System (CRS) captures CO2 from the high-velocity wind.


CO2 captured straight from the wind

Air passively flows through a filter made from a solid sorbent nanomaterial, which collects CO2 from the air stream and traps it inside chambers.

CO2 collected from circulated air while in motion.

how it works

A fleet operator with 20 trucks hosting a CRS and operating 7 days per week can capture

500 tonnes
of CO2 per year.

On top of buildings, our CRS cycles multiple times per day to capture a forecasted

1000 tonnes
of CO2 per building/year.

In open fields, towers of modular units can capture more than

200 kilotons
of CO2 annually.

Potential Capacity for Gigatonne-scale Removal

Transportation has long been identified as a “hard-to-abate” sector, challenged by limited technological progress in decarbonizing its mainly fossil fuel-based platforms.


As sustainable fuels scale up in the coming years, we see an opportunity to provide megatonnes of carbon-negative feedstock to help their transition to net-zero, while securely sequestering even more CO2! Follow us on our journey into the future of gigatonne-scale carbon removal. 

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